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    February 28, 2023

    Legacies that Last: Honoring Black History Month

    Power Design celebrated Black History Month by highlighting historical trailblazers in the industry who paved the way for future generations. Thanks to their efforts, some of our very own Power Design trailblazers are now leaving their mark because of them — from Systems Technologies to Lighting — and carving paths for future Black leaders across the industry.

    Lighting Project Executive Yonette Henry Ali El strives to empower her teams to hop in the driver’s seat and speak their mind. She finds success by collaborating with team members, recognizing that there is always room for improvement and innovation — something that African American Inventor Lewis Latimer was known for: taking an original idea and making it better.

    Work smarter, not harder! If there's a process that has been done one way for many years, it doesn't mean it can't be improved upon to make it a more streamlined and easier process.

    Yonette Henry Ali El |

    Lighting Project Executive

    Systems Technology Programmer Thor Lipscomb works alongside our SmartSpaces team to facilitate a seamless experience for clients. In the same way, African American inventor and nurse Marie Van Brittan Brown valued safety and ease in her inventions — ultimately laying the foundation for some of the Systems Technologies programs that Thor works with today.

    As a minority in the workplace there is a subconscious need to be excellent and prove myself. I want to be authentically myself in every aspect of my life to earn respect from others, and inspire others to do the same.

    Thor Lipscomb |

    Systems Technology Programmer

    Senior Fire Alarm Designer II Ricardo Douglas values the power of communication in his role, especially when it comes to fire alarms within the buildings we build from coast-to-coast. Inspired by African American Mechanical and Electrical Engineer Granville Woods, Ricardo applauds Granville’s “can-do anything” attitude and hopes to follow in his footsteps.

    With tenacity and perseverance, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. I look forward to helping other people of color find that drive to be successful.

    Ricardo Douglas |

    Senior Fire Alarm Designer II

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