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    January 16, 2023

    Making Mentoring a Priority — All Year-Round 💯

    Skylines aren’t the only things our teams are shaping – they are also shaping the future workforce. Our #PDIFamily takes pride in making mentoring a priority at all levels (after all, mentorship is at the heart of Power Design’s apprenticeship program)!

    Our PowerU Apprenticeship Program prepares the future generation of the workforce with the help of its dedicated mentors. Senior Superintendent Creig Yates works with our apprentices in the Southwest region to help them develop skills and learn the Power Design way, so they can CRUSH IT on the job site.

    Being a mentor means my knowledge doesn't end with me! Passing down what I've learned over the years and teaching apprentices the correct way to do things is important to me.

    Creig Yates |

    Senior Superintendent

    And the best way to learn, he says? Ask questions! Creig always likes to tell those entering the industry to get curious and ask. There’s no such thing as a stupid question!

    Our mentors ensure the apprentices not only receive high caliber on-the-job training but also high caliber guidance on career development. Labor Manager Mike Spiering approaches mentorship as a way to help his apprentices develop a better, brighter career. But Mike isn’t looking to just teach the technical skills. He also wants to help build up leadership skills as well, he explains: “A mentor leads-by-example and takes the initiative to show others the skills and knowledge needed to carry on tasks and operations.”

    It's also important to have the patience to teach thoroughly in a positive atmosphere, because one day, your mentee may become the mentor.

    Mike Spiering |

    Labor Manager

    Want to hear more about other mentorships at Power Design? Check out the Mentorship Mantra of Big Mike and Little Mike out west.