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    April 6, 2020

    Keep it moving!

    We’re ready to join the American Heart Association in their #MoveMore campaign this month by grabbing the people around us and moving through these tough times together.

    If you’re looking for ways to stay active and motivated this month, we’ve got all the resources you need right here to kick your binge guilt and set a positive tone for your week.

    • Join the PDI Fitness Connection group on Facebook where our wellness team livestreams virtual workouts, stretches and your favorite classes (like POUND, Total Attack, meditation and more) just for the #PDIFamily. There’s a workout to keep you moving and motivated every single day!

    • Join the American Heart Association for virtual workouts too! They livestream #movemore parties (dance parties, cardio blasts, strength social hours) on Facebook, Youtube and on their page.

    • Just take it from our wellness manager, and Tampa Bay Heart Ambassador, Shelly. She’ll remind you to stay motivated, focus on your benefits, and most importantly, discern between reasons and excuses. Watch her video here: