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    November 20, 2019

    Switching it up!

    PDI is in the process of making the switch from PlanGrid to Fieldwire, and the migration is almost complete! We’ve already moved 65% of our field supervisors to Fieldwire and anticipate having 100% of our users on the platform by end of the year.

    The decision to make a switch came about in 2018 after hearing about Fieldwire from several of our partners in the industry, including one of our customers, Clark Construction Group.

    Our IT Program Manager, Brad Moore, did extensive research on the platform and decided to pitch it to our executive team after learning about its robust features that can help address issues specific to subcontractors. With Fieldwire, we can track tasks such as change orders, safety issues, inspections, QC issues, delays and more!

    Users in our pilot group found Fieldwire to be user-friendly and reported increased productivity through task tracking, and collaboration and visibility across office and field teams. The transition? Super simple! Although a big migration, our field teams didn’t even have to take a break from their everyday jobs to make the switch. In less than two months, we transitioned 2,000 users to Fieldwire, with zero downtime.

    We were proud to have Fieldwire at our first-ever Super Summit, where they spoke to more than 250+ of our superintendents about the software and transition.

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