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    February 13, 2024

    From Passion to Profession: Raul Lopez

    "At 28 years old, it’s amazing for me to be where I’m at right now — this is a company where we help each other grow, and I’m a living example of that," said Raul Lopez. 


    Say hello to Electrical Assistant Superintendent Raul Lopez: with his introduction into the trades at 18 years old, Raul took what he saw early on in his career and laid the groundwork for him to be a mentor, role model, and leader on his job site.  


    Working alongside his mentor Juan Barrios gave Raul a glimpse into what his future would hold and sparked something in him, that he too could be a leader in the industry. Having the dedication and motivation to keep learning, growing, and trying new things, is how Raul has worked his way from Electrician to Assistant Superintendent and we’re sure very soon Superintendent.  


    A unique part of Power Design and the key to Raul’s success with us is our focus on continued training and taking trade and leadership skills to the next level— from online leadership training courses hosted by our very own Learning & Development team to our Best Practices Program, our teams are set up with the necessary tools to help them achieve any goal they’re striving for.  


    Hear from Raul how his mentors, passion for the trades, and support from Power Design have gotten him where he is today.  



    As you can see, Raul’s excitement and drive to enhance his career radiates through anything he does, including on the job site — encouraging the younger generation to be a sponge and absorb all the knowledge you can, so they’re able to flourish and teach others the Power Design way that Raul was taught.  


    Whether foreman to the superintendent, office support staff, and prefabrication and distribution teams at the LINK, the opportunities to take your career to the next level at Power Design are endless — check out more of how you could shape skylines and your career, here 


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