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    July 14, 2021

    We're Building Smarter

    Power Design was one of 12 panelists invited to participate in Corning’s Smart Building forum; a discussion amongst industry leaders about the present and future state of Smart Buildings. With technology referred to as the “fourth utility” alongside essentials like gas, water and electric, the need for discussions such as these is evident in looking at progress and adaptation within the construction industry.

    Our VP of Systems, Trent Morano, provided insight on what “smart” means in today’s context. “We look at smart in 3 elements – the home, the office and the community. After COVID we learned we had a lot of cool things at home, that we didn’t have in the office. There’s a false narrative that these systems are expensive, which we need to correct.”

    By definition, a smart workplace uses technology to connect and engage employees with their work environment. Power Design’s investment in creating a smart workplace, from meeting room controls and custom-mobile wayfinding apps, to OpenSpace hard hat cameras that capture real-time jobsite footage, is part of our commitment to staying on pace with the shifts discussed on the panel.

    With general contractors, architects and designers in the conversation, “division 25” (or the official CSI code for smart technology) came up often. “Now is the time to think differently about design outcome,” added Morano.

    Commodity prices are up 40%. We just designed a building with 36 different systems. Division 25 is not a new thing anymore!

    Trent Morano

    Vp of Systems

    Consensus from the group confirmed that in an industry rooted in tradition, it’s time to look at smart building differently and adapt to what’s coming down the pipeline. The delivery of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and systems technology on a unified level is where things are headed, and Power Design is at the ready.

    To learn more from Power Design about all things SMART, check out 60-ish Seconds with Trent in our onsite Experience Center!