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Our QC teams are here to help by keeping the field safe, up to PDI standards, and on track through training. Taking a collaborative approach, their goal is to work with field teams to identify opportunities for improvement, whether it be providing training on Power Design’s Best Practices or talking through a variety of installation methods to see what works best. But don’t take our word for it; here’s some feedback straight from our supers:

I think initially I was intimidated, but not anymore. We use the QC checklist during our check of the units, structure, and safety which seems to relieve some stress of the visit.

- Tom Kadolph

Kieth Hofacker did my QC visit for slab and rough. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of the field and his approach. He gave me a chance to explain certain installations, and we worked together on opportunities for improvement. QC is a very good tool for the job sites, it’s an extra set of eyes to help with less rework. I learned that getting QC out on the job early is a good thing.

- Bradley Franzel

A QC visit is good for the foreman and super involved in the project. It gives a better idea of quality work, and more training for the staff is always good.

- Vicente Reyes