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    Build your professional toolbox as you take a lap through key Power Design departments with our Career Leadership Advancement Program (LAP). By the end of your rotation, you'll be on track to a leadership role thanks to the hands-on experience and guidance you received from our all-star teams.
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    Test Drive Your Career

    Think of your rotations in the Career Leadership Advancement Program a little bit like making pitstops during a race to fuel up... on knowledge! Every few months, you’ll join a new team to learn the ins-and-outs of what they do.

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    How it Works

    Fast Track to Leadership

    Our LAP participants work on multi-million-dollar projects from coast to coast. Over the span of two years, you will rotate through five Power Design departments, gaining critical exposure to the construction industry, supporting project teams in key deliverables, and working closely with our Field Teams on jobsites. Once you've completed the program, you’ll be ready to choose your final department and jump-start your career!

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    Building Your Network

    Team Up to Win

    By being exposed to life on different teams, you’ll reach the finish line of your Career LAP with a clearer understanding of the business as a whole and the opportunity to choose the perfect fit for your skills and talents. Along the way, you’ll form stronger professional relationships by meeting, learning from, and collaborating with experienced team members across the company – setting you up for collaborative and powerful teamwork with professional peers you can count on.

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    Award-Winning Culture

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    “Gaining knowledge in each department helped me have a better understanding of how Power Design works and ultimately helped me become a more well-rounded team member in Operations. I’m grateful for all my mentors and am eager to return the mentorship I received from them to the latest group of Project Engineers going through the Career LAP.”

    Jeff M. // Operations Assistant Project Manager

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    “Joining this program was the best thing I could have done for my career! Getting to network throughout so many departments has helped me cultivate the relationships and resources that I know will set me apart as I grow in the company. The Career LAP is paving a new path for Power Design, and the future is bright!”

    Ameera S. // Low Voltage Assistant Project Manager

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    "This program was a fantastic way for me to gain experience in the construction industry while doing meaningful work. My mentors not only taught me how to do my day-to-day tasks, but they also explained the ‘why’ in everything. Having studied engineering, I find knowing the ‘why’ incredibly valuable as it helps me understand the full scope of what I’m working on.”

    Carlos R. // Business Process Engineer

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    Skylines and Careers


    Ready to take a LAP at Power Design?