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    January 13, 2023

    #PDIProud: Celebrating Our PE Rotation Grads

    Our Project Engineer (PE) Rotation program is a piece of the Power Design puzzle that helps develop our people into some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry.

    Over the course of two years, members of our #PDIFamily strap in for a unique and jam-packed 24 months of soaking in Power Design processes and gaining experience across multiple departments. Our “PEs” receive one-on-one guidance and mentorship from some of the industry’s most skilled leaders which ultimately sets them up on the fast track to becoming leaders themselves!

    We caught up with a few of our 2023 PE Rotation Program graduates to get their take on the last two years.

    How did the PE Rotation Program help kick-start your career in construction?
    Recent PE Rotation Grad Carlos Romero shared how the program empowered him to create and implement new processes while allowing him to develop his skillset through fulfilling projects.

    The PE Rotation Program was a fantastic way for me to gain experience in the industry while doing meaningful work.

    Carlos R. |

    Business Process Engineer

    Carlos shared how his mentors created a top-notch experience by providing insight into the background of projects. He elaborated: “My mentors not only taught me how to do my daily tasks, they also explained the ‘why’ to everything I did. As someone who studied engineering, I find knowing the “why” incredibly valuable as it helps me understand the scope/system as a whole.”

    What advice do you have for someone considering the PE Rotation Program?
    Another recent PE Rotation Grad Jeff Makowski shared his words of wisdom for future-PE’s: “Have an open mind, as each rotation you go through helps you better understand the need for collaboration between departments.”

    Whether it’s the Precon teams or Operations, Systems Technologies, and Engineering — get involved with the entire team in each rotation.

    Jeff M. |

    Operations APM

    Jeff further shared: “The network you gain through each rotation will make you extremely well-connected and knowledgable for your final team.” Jeff’s fellow PE Connor McLean double-downed on the advice by sharing the importance of integrating with each team during the rotation program.

    Invest your time and energy into each team you join, and they will invest in you.

    Connor M. |


    Cheers to our most recent class of PE Rotation Grads! If you’re interested in applying to be the Power Design PE Rotation Program, click here.