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    June 30, 2023

    Climbing Skylines in Colorado: NOVEL RiNo

    We’re comin’ at you with a top-tier Power Design project and team based right in the electric and admirable neighborhood of Denver, Colorado — welcome to NOVEL RiNo.

    The 12-story, two-tower, BIM-coordinated project is full of complexities and intricacies, exactly what our team at NOVEL RiNo excels at.

    From a project that features two different kinds of structure, one concrete and one wood, to having multiple other trades simultaneously on the job site, there were obstacles to overcome, making Power Design the perfect team for the job. When it came to tackling the different structures, our teams prepared their approaches for each structure, ensuring they hit every key detail, while integrating both structures together seamlessly.  In addition to the construction, this new addition to Denver will add a loud, vibrant flare to this art-centric town.

    The crew who took on Novel RiNo has worked together on various projects in years prior and made it a priority of theirs to challenge each other to bring their best to every project. Novel RiNo Superintendent Andrew Lopez hit the ground running with the project and knew exactly who he wanted to be working with - Foreman SOT Bobby Morales. "I have a lot of trust in Bobby knowing that if he tells me it's done, it's going to be done - we're going to get there and it's going to be done right," Andrew said. And Bobby knows what he's getting with Andrew because of the confidence and experience they both have from previous jobs.

    By rolling up their sleeves, communicating early, and seamlessly coordinating cross-country with our headquarters, this hard-working group at Novel RiNo is giving Millender White exactly what they expect - a top-of-the-line product.

    Ready to hear from the crew how they're tackling NOVEL RiNo? Check it out. 


    Contractor: Milender White Construction Company

    Developer: Crescent Communities

    Delivery Method: Plans & Specs

    Scopes of Work: Electrical, Fixtures, Fire Alarm Systems, Low Voltage Systems, DAS

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