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    March 31, 2022

    Project Spotlight: Marriott's International HQ Hotel

    Being chosen to partner on the International Headquarters Hotel for the world’s largest hotel company was an honor, and an exciting opportunity for Power Design.

    We strive to understand the needs, intended outcomes, and distinct preferences of our customers; within the hospitality sector, recognizing those needs and preferences gets nuanced in understanding the hotel’s brand (that’s something that comes with experience and careful consideration, becoming integral to the success of the project and ultimately, the hotel guest’s experience!)

    As we toured the Marriott spaces with Power Design’s Senior Project Superintendent, Steve Leith, we saw the applied expertise of our teams — in both the details and the broad view. We also saw the impact of good values and strong leadership, a testament to Steve’s passion for mentoring the future of our workforce.

    I want to be remembered as somebody who mentored people through the trade and pushed people to their limits.

    Steve Leith |

    Sr. Project Superintendent

    The economic impact of the international headquarters is substantial for the Bethesda community. Marriott projects $89 million in construction salaries over 2.5 years and $2.3 billion in business activity within the first year of opening the new headquarters, attributed to supplier purchasing and economic activity from Marriott associates. Power Design is proud to play a part in Bethesda’s economic growth in the coming years!

    Thank you to our industry partners for including Power Design on this Marriott project! Check out our video spotlight and hear more from Steve, below.