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    July 6, 2023

    Rewind and Recap: Regional Meetings 2023

    Power Design's Regional Meetings take training to the next level — we're networking and learning, but the fun doesn't stop there. Getting our teams from headquarters and our field leadership together in one place, allows us to grow existing relationships, and build new ones!

    Our annual Regional Meetings allow our field leadership and headquarters' team members, including our Executive Steering Committee, Senior Vice Presidents, and Regional Vice Presidents, to gather together and talk about everything Power Design face-to-face. This year, we gathered more than 700 team members across 15 cities — expanding and connecting the relationships from headquarters at the GRID in St. Petersburg, FL, to job sites nationwide. 

    Across the nation, each region attends their own dedicated Regional Meeting put on by our incredible Learning & Development staff. This meeting of the minds is jam-packed full of training, networking events, and the chance to connect with support teams and leadership from headquarters.

    "I want them to feel like they're supported, that we have their back, that we have a ton of growth coming in the company, and that they are always going to have a spot to work, and flourish, and grow their careers. That is what we look to get out of these meetings," Senior Vice President Dane Gilbert said. 

    Aside from training, our leading men and women in the field hear about exciting upcoming projects in their regions and updates across the organization. Although our field teams spend every day together on their job sites and are dedicated to delivering quality projects, we prioritize their time away from the job site at Regional Meetings where they get to connect about lessons learned, new and improved best practices, and collaborate with Power Design leadership to learn and grow. 

    Not only is this a beneficial event for our boots on the ground, but it's also a great chance for our leadership teams to hear directly from our field leaders, understand what's going on, and take action to continue building better across the nation — for our people and our partners.

    "I am both amazed and humbled to see so much Power Design talent represented around the country," Chief Operations Officer Joe Micallef said. 

    Ready to see what the hype is all about? Check it out! 

    We had a great time at Regional Meetings this year, and we can't wait to continue growing and connecting with our #PDIFamily from coast-to-coast. 


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