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    August 9, 2023

    Fierce + Adventurous = Recipe for Success in the Mountains

    “Fierce and adventurous – that’s how I would describe Power Design in Colorado.”  


    We couldn’t agree more with Superintendent Forrest Scherman’s assessment of our Colorado teams – and they have to be to keep up with the expanding skyline of Denver.  


    That expansion includes around 20 active Power Design projects in the Mile High City that will have more than 5,700 units for its residents to call home.


    Though the field leadership teams are busy taking our projects to the next level, they haven’t forgotten the importance of helping others rise the ranks like they did; they’re laser-focused on empowering and educating the next generation of Power Design leadership.  



    “Being able to take someone that’s never done electrical and who may be afraid of it and teach them how to respect it – that gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride.”

    Andrew Lopez | Superintendent

    For Power Design, that mindset is a cornerstone of how our culture has been built and is essential to successfully growing the industry’s workforce. 


    “Whether you’re mentoring or the mentee, having mentorship is extremely huge because that’s what builds the family and culture of Power Design,” Scherman said.  


    Find out more on what our (Super) stars in the mountains see as keys to their success at Power Design and how we’re helping them elevate that success.  



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