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    May 3, 2023

    Standing Out In AZ by Building Skylines and Careers

    You know what they say — skills and techniques can be taught, but character and work ethic can’t. We pride ourselves on hiring those who will uphold our core values and be valuable team players, both on and off the job sites. As we’re continuing to grow in Arizona, we wanted to share some of our very own (Super) stars’ experiences within the trades.

    With more than 30 years in the construction industry under our belt, we’re continuously beating the standards by providing a next-level experience for both field and office team members. For example, our Superintendents put their skills to the test in our Power Up Best Practices training program to continuously develop their skill sets and to ensure the Power Design way is followed on every job site, no matter the location. Establishing best practices in every aspect of our organization allows us to be the most trusted partner for our team members and our partners.

    There’s no other company that’s going to offer you the kind of training that Power Design does. No way.

    Edward Tippit |

    Project Superintendent

    We sat down with three of our very own Arizona Superintendents, who share more than two decades of experience, to hear how their career at Power Design has impacted their lives — both personally and professionally.

    Check it out for yourself!

    As you heard, it doesn’t just stop with caring for our people, but for their families too. Project Superintendent Jesse Emery is a testament to the impact that Power Design has had on his career and his home life.

    My family and I are in a better position in life, health, and every other aspect now that I chose to come work at Power Design.

    Jesse Emery |

    Project Superintendent

    So, what do you say? Are you ready to join the best? View open Arizona positions here.