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    July 25, 2019

    We love our #PDInterns!

    In honor of #NationalInternDay, we asked our interns some questions about their experience so far at PDI, and we’re sharing their responses with you! We also took them to a Tampa Bay Rays game for a day of fun and bonding (see above), because once you’re in Tampa Bay, it’s only natural to become a Rays fan…

    We’re lucky to have 18 interns from across the country with us this summer, from Purdue to Virginia Tech and all the others schools in between. Summers at PDI wouldn’t be as fun without our awesome interns, so we invite you to join us in getting to know the future of the industry!

    PDI has an amazing culture. I will probably be lifelong friends with the other engineering interns!

    Max, KSU | Engineering

    My experience at PDI has been exciting and educational. Looking forward to seeing how this company grows!

    Sam, VTech | Operations

    This has been an incredible learning experience and a taste of of the real world of engineering!

    Ashley, USF | Engineering

    PDI has shown me how willing everyone is to teach me, no matter how small the task.

    Ryan, KSU | Engineering

    Working at PDI has been rewarding and fast-paced with new experiences every day.

    Jack, MSOE | Operations

    I've gotten massive amounts of new info and continue to learn along the way!

    Max, VTech | Operations

    PDI has been welcoming and a fun new challenge! ?

    Bryant, USF | Fire Alarm

    Working at PDI is about learning a lot while having fun doing it!

    Sebastian, UCF | Mech. Engineering

    Being an intern at PDI is so much fun that it doesn't even feel like work.

    Joe, UF | Operations

    My experience as an intern at PDI has been mind-blowing! ?

    Anayat, Purdue | Operations

    There's lots to learn at PDI, plus there's good food and great friends!

    Christian, KSU | Engineering

    From walking jobsites, to the fun events on campus, there's always something going on at PDI!

    Jeff, MSOE | Operations

    I would describe my internship as fantastic! ?

    Kennedy, UF | Operations

    PDI is the best place to work ever!

    Andrew, VTech | Operations

    I have learned more through this internship than I could have ever expected.

    Michael, KSU | Mech. Engineering

    My internship at PDI has been amazing.

    Devon, UF | Operations

    I love PDI's work hard, play hard motto!

    Brady, Purdue | Operations

    My experience at PDI has been illuminating. ?

    Shane, Purdue | Operations