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    May 30, 2017

    Leveraging BIM & Total Station Technology

    Power Design is leading the multifamily industry by leveraging Virtual Design & Construction technology with the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Cloud Computing, Virtual Desktop Solutions & Point Layout technology.

    – Power Design pairs BIM with Robotic Total Station technology to support field installations through the use of Point Layout. An intelligent 3D modeling process provides the opportunity to create a virtual build-out prior to being on site.
    – Robotic Total Station technology mitigates the risks that are associated with using tape measures and string lines. Point Layout, with the use of Robotic Total Stations, is the fastest and most accurate layout technology in the industry.

    Benefits & Productivity in the Field
    – With the accuracy and speed of Point Layout Technology, Superintendents have reported a 300-500% increase in speed layout.
    – Clients are receiving higher quality product and the project team experiences an advanced collaboration and installation process.
    – Cloud-based software has allowed for Power Design to collaborate ‘real-time’ on a national level.

    – Power Design has invested in and applied cutting edge software & applications, along with 30+ Robotic Total Stations and an iPad rollout of over approximately 700 devices to Operations & Field teams.
    – The ROI has outweighed the $1 million investment in equipment and also serves as a sustainable asset.

    Using Total Station Technology in the Field