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    November 6, 2023

    A Mechanical Masterpiece at 101 N. Meridian 📍

    We’re taking expertise and passion to the next level in the heart of downtown Tampa at 101 N. Meridian. This design build high-rise has one of Power Design’s most talented multi-trade team of experts, ranging from electrical and systems technologies to mechanical and lighting. join us on a deep dive into the mechanical magic our teams are making on Meridian Avenue.  


    Power Design is bringing this 330-unit project to life alongside long-term partner Moss & Associates, who knows when Power Design is on the job, it will get done and it will get done well. We installed a monster unit on the roof — a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) Petra-built unit. Our teams outdid themselves as they lifted the 160-ton air unit between downtown highrises — the installation of these units is a key element in receiving clearance to open the project to the public. Once our mechanical teams are complete with systems up and running, the life safety systems are installed like fire alarms and more, protecting those in and around the building. 


    Some of our same mechanical masterminds that brought Greystar’s Ascent St. Pete to life are now building 101 N. Meridian and aren’t slowing down anytime soon. They’ve made a name for themselves and are dedicated to "Designing What’s Next" across the industry on the mechanical front. 


    "As far as complexity is concerned, it’s a very dense job. There's quite a lot of work to do, but it's perfect for what we're trying to prove," Project Manager Michael Castellucci said.


    Like Mike alluded to, we’ve got big mechanical plans and our badass mechanical superintendent with more than 20 years of mechanical experience is leading the job site charge at 101 N. Meridian. Project Superintendent Brett Masters puts it simply: "We want to show everyone that we can do it well, that mechanicals here, that we're ready to take over."


    Hear from Brett and Mike directly on how we’re shaping Tampa’s skylines together.  



    Through our commitment to growth and innovation, we continue to exceed our partners’ expectations and our work at 101 N. Meridian is no different. So, are you ready to join the team and leave your mechanical mark? Apply here.  


    Contractor: Moss & Associates 

    Developer: UDR

    Delivery Method: Design Build 

    Scopes of Work: Electrical, Mechanical, Fixtures, Fire Alarm, Low Voltage, DAS, Engineering

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