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    February 29, 2024

    Black History Month: More Than a Month

    Celebrating who our people are at Power Design isn’t limited to one day, one month, or an event in particular — it’s about celebrating the ones who make up our #PDIFamily all year round.


    We sat down with a few of our team members across the organization to discuss the significance of Black History Month and its meaning to them. Honoring Black History Month isn’t going to stop as February ends, yet it serves as a celebration of our people, their families and ancestors, and those who were revolutionary industry leaders.  


    As an organization, we’re proud to share our people’s stories, to bring light to them, their families, and those who paved the way for these future leaders to evolve the industry and share their history with pride.  


    Find out how our team members honor their history and empower others to share their experiences and support not just during February, but all year round.  


    “Coming from a family that has poured love into me and taught me not only the struggles but also the excellence of my ancestors, Black History Month transcends the month of February—it is who I am. I challenge everyone to ask themselves two questions: what does this month mean to you, and how do you celebrate? Not just during February, but beyond. Once we answer those questions, we’ll understand that Black History is American History, and it is as much everyone’s responsibility to carry the burden of trauma and celebrate the great contributions of the Black community as it is for us.” - Chel Giles 


    “Black History Month to me is a time to remember and recognize the events and people in our history that have made a difference in our culture. I think people can support the community by becoming involved – whether it’s through volunteer work to help build and develop communities or attending board meetings of community organizations – all support counts. It’s evident that PDI is invested in our growth, development, and comfortability. That we have the DEI Committee in place is a testament to this. It means a lot that we have this committee to further the mission of inclusivity.” - Charles Francois 


    Black History Month is a time to reflect, acknowledge, and uplift the pioneers and leaders that paved the way for the Black community. It is a time to celebrate and educate others on the accomplishments of our ancestors and elders. We celebrate how far we have come. I believe it is important to keep our rich history alive for the generations to come, so that it may not be erased. To know more is to better understand where we came from and who we are. People can further support the Black community by educating themselves on our diverse culture, on a day-to-day basis. To be part of a company that has a dedicated committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a great feeling. I believe there is innovation that comes from diversity. Having a DEI Committee helps to cultivate an environment where all employees are welcomed and encouraged to thrive.” - Alexia Kenon 


    “Being a woman of mixed-race, Black History Month is a time when I can reflect on how far we have come as a nation. My father is African American and attended segregated schools until his freshman year of high school. Although it is portrayed that these things happened so long ago, the reality is, that we are not very far removed. Having a month dedicated to how far we as a nation have come and the impacts the Black community has made on modern day is a testament to the influence African American culture has within this nation. Education, acknowledgment, and advocacy are key. Regardless of what race or ethnicity someone is, being an ally to the Black community every day of the year can create drastic change! Educating yourself on African American History, acknowledging past and current issues, and advocating for solutions and equality.” - Alexa Laster 


    Want to honor Black History Month all year round with Power Design? Check out the following organizations Power Design has donated to this past month to help further their initiatives every day of the year. 

    • Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non-Violent Social Change: Founded in 1968 by Dr. King's wife, this foundation aims to meet the challenges and opportunities of today by educating the world about MLK's teachings and inspiring new generations to continue his efforts. 
    • Equal Justice Initiative: This organization works to challenge racial and economic injustice and protect basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in our society. 
    • Race Forward: Through systemic analysis and an innovative approach to complex race issues, Race Forward helps to advance racial justice in our policies, institutions, and culture. 

    At Power Design, we’re dedicated to enhancing our community through our people and their passions, and now is your time to join a team where you and your passions and values are prioritized, apply here. 

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