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    January 1, 2022

    Special Operations Division

    When a project succeeds, everyone wins. From labor shortages, to schedule delays, to business impacts related to supply chain, Power Design is investing in ways to overcome the challenges of today’s climate.

    Our Special Operations Division is a resource team comprised of top field leaders who are able to mobilize quickly and provide immediate support to projects that need it due to unusual or challenging circumstances.

    While our Special Operations Division continues to support Power Design projects nationwide, we are offering this service to our valued partners in the event any project, whether contracted to Power Design or another subcontractor, needs help in reaching completion.

    Your Special Ops. Division crew worked hard and long hours to turn this project over. If not for Power Design, we would not have made it.

    GC Director, Field Operations -

    Mountain Region


    Power Design has a unique set of advantages that enables teams to see every project through to completion, with the same level of quality and commitment our partners have come to depend on.



    We’re all in this together. The more projects succeed, the stronger our industry becomes. That’s why we’re ready to take on projects in select locations that fit the type of services we offer.

    If you’re interested in learning more about our Special Ops. Division team, or have a project that needs special assistance, get in touch today.