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    May 1, 2024

    Tools of the Trade: Celebrating Our Field Teams

    It’s easy to admire a finished Power Design project, you know, those jaw-dropping buildings that catch your eye as you stroll through the city? Yep, the ones that make you pause and go, “Wow, who built that!”  


    As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and build bigger and better than ever before, it’s our skilled tradespeople who bring our visions to life – one pipe, wire, and light switch at a time. Behind every intricate detail lies the expertise of a person at the top of their game who put the pieces together and turned blueprints into reality.  


    At Power Design, we know the importance of celebrating our unsung heroes who make our success possible. But what does working in the trades mean to them? Hear directly from our teams that put the sweat equity into our impressive projects on the importance of their work! 


    Gelsin Sandres“Ever since I was a child, I wanted to improve and have a purpose with an extraordinary future for myself and my family. I knew my dreams could come true if I had the courage to pursue them. Power Design has helped me see that, even as a woman in a male-dominated industry, I have what it takes if I put in the effort. This career has helped me to be responsible, creative, work as a team, and appreciate all the good things that a life in the trades has to offer!” - Gelsin Sandres | Apprentice 


    Tim Krammer Headshot“Having people that believed in me as I worked up the in my career has made a gigantic impact on the man I have become. We all want to help better the next person, which in turn helps us better ourselves. The knowledge that has been passed down to me has helped me become a better leader in the field, and now that I am a grandfather myself, I want to be able to pass the same inspiration on to my grandchildren and show them that you can work both with your hands and with your brain.” - Tim Kramer | Mechanical Assistant Superintendent 


    Large-f44c13dc-7a6d-4371-8973-90d5c77cbb96“Going into the trades can be an incredible journey. You get to learn a skill while working and getting paid, and you don’t need a two- or four-year degree to have a remarkable career and make a good living. I came into PDI as a foreman and am now a superintendent. I get to travel and be in different cities, and these experiences have made me a better electrician. I challenge myself every day with what I know and what I can learn from others, and I’ve made friendships that have carried outside the construction site.” - Kevin Arkfeld | Superintendent


    Becoming a skilled tradesperson isn’t just about building structures; it’s about creating a secure future filled with opportunities for growth, satisfaction, and pride. Unlike other career paths, working in a trade provides hands-on experience from day one – learning real, practical skills that are always in high demand, and never replaceable by new technology.  


    And the icing on top of it all? What is created by the trades is built to last. When our talented tradespeople finally take a step back and admire their finished product, they can proudly say, “I built that.”   


    “The most rewarding thing for me is knowing that I had a hand in building hospitals, hotels, museums, and houses,” Tim said. “Being able to tell my wife, daughters, and eventually my grandkids that I helped build that and show them what I did gives me a real sense of pride.”


    Without the dedication, expertise, and hard work of our skilled tradespeople, our projects would never make it from design to reality. These rock stars are the backbone of our industry, and we love to celebrate everything they do to power the future – one build at a time! 


    Interested in a career in the trades? Learn more about our apprenticeship program here 

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