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    May 16, 2024

    CAMP: Transforming Trades Training

    At Power Design, we don’t just aim to be the best – we set the standards for what it means to be the best. A big part of our success has always been our dedication to leveling up our skills and empowering our people to build the careers of their dreams and supporting the growing demands of our industry.   


    As we’ve expanded into new scopes and taken our skills to the next level, we knew we needed a space unlike any other to keep our teams at the top of their game. After months of planning, prepping, and boots-on-the-ground hard work, we’re thrilled to introduce CAMP, our brand-new training facility!  


    This state-of-the-art facility isn’t just any building; it’s a shining example of our commitment to growth and excellence in all that we do. Designed with our people in mind, CAMP is equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources to benefit everyone from our field to our front office.  


    Untitled design (31)"This approach to hands-on learning will provide our teams with the skills and knowledge to be successful while also helping to meet the industry’s critical demand for skilled tradespeople both out in the field and in the office. What sets us apart is our focus on advancing excellence in construction. The investment in our people, facilities, and programs are unmatched and a testament to our mission and values." Stephanie Morge | Director | Learning & Development


    Packed with equipment spanning all our scopes, demo units in multiple stages of construction, evaluation rooms, and so much more, every inch of this 27,000-square-foot facility was meticulously planned to support our innovation and collaboration. This broadened focus ensures comprehensive skills development opportunities in all trades for apprentices and experienced professionals alike, as well as a standard for construction excellence that guarantees consistent and high-quality field installations across all Power Design job sites. It’s a recipe for an unparalleled learning environment! 




    Untitled design (30)"At CAMP, we have dedicated spaces for hands-on learning, allowing our field teams and apprentices to gain invaluable practical experience. By simulating real-world construction environments, we can help prep the team for the challenges they'll encounter on job sites, while also fostering a collaborative learning community where they can learn from each other as well as the instructors." Russ MacLeod | Technical Instructor


    Our amazing Superintendents from across the nation are the driving force behind our success, so we were thrilled to have all 300+ of them with us for opening day of the new facility that will help train the next generation of Supers for the field! Here’s what a few of them had to say about the new facility:


    Untitled design (29)"This space is awesome! There are a ton of cool new things in here, and it’s a great way to introduce our new people to Power Design’s Best Practices. This is a great opportunity for our people to experience the way we do things, and then take that knowledge into the field where they’ll build their careers." Brett Roberson | Superintendent | Southeast 


    Untitled design (28)"Looking at this facility, I think it’s going to be a major help to the younger generation that is coming up. They’ll get to see the technology and how Power Design is more advanced than most other construction companies. Being able to go in and get multiple scopes and trades in one facility is a major help to what we do. I love it!" Derek Bushrod | Senior Superintendent | Mid-Atlantic One


    As we continue to grow and innovate, CAMP will be a key part of how we approach training our next generation of tradespeople. We’re excited to see how this facility will impact the careers of our team members, and in turn how it helps us shape skylines from coast to coast! Here’s to building the future – one skilled professional at a time.  


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