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    February 23, 2024

    Engineers Envisioning the Future

    Teamwork is the name of the game when it comes to shaping skylines from coast-to-coast. From the Field to the GRID to the LINK, our teams support one another in a seamless project delivery for our partners – even from the very first step of a project!  


    Allow us to introduce you to our award-winning in-house engineering team who takes that first step and perfects a building’s design down to the studs, setting up the rest of our #PDIFamily for success in bringing a project to life. This badass team of engineers proudly wears the title of MEP Giants three years in a row, climbing the 2023 charts to #62 — what can we say other than we are proud!  


    Take a look at some of our incredible design projects and hear from the engineers who see their projects all the way from concept to completion ⬇️ 



    St. Regis Sunny Isles Beach Phase 2 — Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

    Power Design has been hard at work on the St. Regis Sunny Isles for quite some time when we were additionally awarded the full mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs for the second tower. This two-tower masterpiece of more than 700,000 square feet sits oceanfront in Sunny Isles — while the sparkling property brings bliss to residents, it brings challenges to the engineering scope. By adhering to code and maximizing living and amenity spaces, all utilities are run through a 12-foot square core in the center of the building, in addition to the main electrical room being on the second level due to floor zone requirements. This left our engineers to design all the conduits to run through only a foot of space to comply with space requirements and route utilities both up and down the tower!  

    “This is my first design incorporating stacked vaults for utilities to properly support residential power — it’s been an exciting challenge to take on and coordinate the design for the core to properly support the trades and utilities running through the tower,” Senior Electrical Designer Carlos Morales said.



    Madison Highland — Falls Church, Virginia

    Exciting news hit the engineering team when they won their first lighting design-only project and were tasked with bringing the interior to life. After being contacted directly by the project’s interior designer, our award-winning lighting design team had the opportunity to work one-on-one with the designer to bring every last detail to life through careful curation and design.  

    When other contractors have fallen short on deliverables to job sites, our teams at Power Design are always ready to step in and save the day — which is just what happened at Madison Highland. With more than 30,000 square feet in this live-work complex featuring natural elements and curves, Senior Lighting Designer Kelli Shaeffer was able to have fun, and venture out to make the design work for the space.  

    “Working directly with the interior designer, we were able to bounce ideas back and forth, and ultimately develop an enhanced lighting design experience,” Shaeffer said.



    Babylon Racquet Club — Miami, Florida

    This project takes the meaning of fun to a whole new level — let us introduce you to Babylon Racquet Club in Miami, Florida. This project is more than a hotel and condo, it’s an athlete’s dream with most of it reserved for fitness facilities with six floors fully dedicated to pickleball and racquetball courts! 

    The uniqueness of this project didn’t stop at being fully focused on sports, but the early stages of design presented some challenges due to the narrow shape of the building — limiting space for utilities to run up the tower and requiring smaller elevator lobbies. Our team of engineers developed a plan to factor in pressurization, shifting the placement of elevators and corridors, and more to allow this 22-story building to come to life.  

    “This is a very unique project with so much of it primarily composed of pickleball and racquetball courts, and it’s exciting for me personally to get to design a super high-rise with these amenities as an avid pickleball player myself,” Senior Electrical Designer III Eduardo Gonzalez said.

    Babylon Racquet Club



    Our award-winning engineers continue to level up and design these unique projects through their drive for innovation and showcasing their skill sets — ready to join our winning team of next-level engineers? Apply here


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