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    April 21, 2023

    Impacting Homelessness Through Project V5

    Our passion for giving back to the communities where we live and work is unmatched at Power Design.

    Meet Project Superintendent Jorge Montoya — a dedicated member of our #PDIFamily who’s committed to shaping more than Los Angeles skylines, he’s shaping the lives of those in need. After passing a large homeless community on the way to the job site day after day, Jorge decided it was time to get involved and make a change.

    It takes one person to make a change and start a motion, and that is what I want to do here.

    Jorge Montoya |

    Project Superintendent

    While Jorge was looking to donate items for those in need, he discovered Hope the Mission: a non-profit organization that gives people a second chance by providing temporary shelter and services to rebuild their lives.

    With Hope the Mission on his side, Jorge knew it was time to get Power Design involved through Project V5 — an initiative that empowers team members to select organizations close to their hearts that we support with funding from scrap metal collection from job sites. 

    Take a walk with Jorge and Hope the Mission CEO Ken Craft to see how together we’re changing lives across L.A.

    Power Design donates $1 million a year on average through Project V5 and with employees like Jorge Montoya creating a ripple effect throughout the organization, we will continue to give back even more in 2023.