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    All We Do Is Win


    Our Estimating Team is the powerhouse that secures our multi-million-dollar projects and sets the stage to bring our designs to life across the nation! Develop estimates, win awards, and ‘ring the bell’ on our high striker to celebrate your success with our entire company.
    Celebrating Together

    Ring the Bell

    Who doesn’t love winning? It’s a big deal around here, and we can’t help but go all out every time our Estimating team nails it! Whenever our Estimators add a new project to our backlog, we make sure the entire Power Design family knows it by playing the awarded region’s song and hitting a 25-foot tall high striker.

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    It All Starts With You

    Our Estimating Team brings our bids to life and lays the foundation for our builds that transform skylines nationwide. With their sharp analytical skills and market insights, they drive our ongoing success by evaluating opportunities and securing the best projects for our teams.

    Estimating-It All Starts-Winning Big
    Winning Big

    Bid Out Across the Country

    Estimating is more than just closing major deals – it’s forging relationships with customers that keep them coming back for more. Our team excels at not only sealing the deal on the most exciting projects, but also developing genuine connections with clients built on trust and a shared vision for success.

    Estimating-It All Starts-Bringing Bids
    Bringing Bids to Life

    The Foundation for Project Success

    Every project needs a strong foundation to succeed – that’s where our Estimating team comes in! They’re the masterminds behind developing budgets, performing take-offs, and crafting construction estimates that pave the way for our outstanding builds, setting a high standard that leaves our competitors in constant pursuit.

    Estimating-It All Starts-Setting the Stage
    Setting the Stage

    Collaborate Across Teams

    We win as a team, and our Estimators play a big role in building strong connections with our internal departments to ensure the seamless execution of our projects. By playing off each other’s unique strengths, we can achieve exceptional results.

    Growing a legacy

    Shaping Skylines Across the Nation

    Our Estimators aren’t just growing Power Design, they’re also shaping the communities of tomorrow and creating stability and growth for our team members. By securing successful bids and driving our projects forward, they’re part of a mission that makes a lasting difference towards a brighter future.

    PM Headquarters
    Estimating on The GRID

    Precision and Play

    We know that setting up our Estimators for success starts with cultivating a work environment that gives our team the tools they need to succeed and having fun along the way! In between winning multi-million-dollar projects across the nation, they enjoy everything the GRID has to offer, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, on-site café, game room with sports simulator, and more. But that’s only where the fun begins, because when our rockstar estimators score those wins, they hit our legendary high striker to let our entire PDI Family know so we can celebrate together!

    Our Estimating Team

    A Day in the Life at Power Design

    In the world of our Estimators, there’s never a dull moment, and every day is a new adventure. From juggling hundreds of millions of dollars in project bids to collaborating with a diverse clientele from coast to coast, they embrace the thrill of the chase and drive our success.

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    $ 7.2 M Average Project Size
    126 Cities We're Building In
    313 Average Units Per Project
    91 % Repeat Customers
    106568_Burkett, Kalee Kalee

    “I love being a part of the front line. I see all the job opportunities that come through our door and help with the business decisions associated with pursuing those opportunities, which directly impacts the workload of the Estimating Department, and ultimately impacts the workload of the whole company.”

    Kalee B. // Senior Estimating Coordinator

    104010_Ford, Joshua Josh

    “I love the challenge of efficiently analyzing a large variety of projects and working with the team to win jobs for PDI.”

    Josh F. // Construction Estimating Manager

    107197_Hylton, Wayne Wayne

    “The best part of my job is having the ability to assist the Project Managers by giving them the best and most accurate quotes to present to their potential customers to close the deals and allow the company to be profitable at the same time.”

    Wayne H. // DAS Estimator

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    Available Positions

    We’re hiring estimators at our headquarters for projects across the country. Check out our open positions to see what’s right for you.

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