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    March 11, 2024

    The Plumbing Design Factor

    Power Design has always challenged the status quo in the industry, and that’s no different when it comes to our engineering and design teams. The latest venture for Power Design Engineering is adding to its already growing plumbing division and welcoming Matthew Walker into his newest role – Power Design’s first dedicated Plumbing Engineer on Record.


    Matt is no stranger to Power Design as he has been a part of our award-winning engineering team for more than two years and has been in the industry for nearly 10 years focused on mechanical and plumbing. Now his skills are set to taking Power Design’s engineering expertise to the next level with our plumbing team and adding to the expertise of our highly-skilled plumbing designers. 


    We sat down with Matt to talk about his new role at Power Design and what it means not only for himself but for Power Design and our partners as we dive further into the plumbing design world. Learn from Matt on the mark he is hoping to make for Power Design 👇



    Matt Walker

    Our collaboration, expertise, quality control, and opportunity for future growth and expansion is why clients choose Power Design for their plumbing needs.

    Matt Walker | Plumbing Engineer

    Tell us what it means to you to be the first dedicated Plumbing Engineer on Record.

    It honestly means the world to me to be the first dedicated plumbing Engineer on Record (EOR) for the company. There are fewer dedicated plumbing EOR’s in the industry as most EOR’s are mechanical by default. This can only help Power Design grow more in the plumbing design industry and continue to show why we’re the best in the business. I am glad that Power Design has instilled their trust in me and gave me the opportunity to take on this level of responsibility. This will open opportunities for new clients but also ensure longevity with our existing clients to see the dedication, knowledge, and expertise in the field of plumbing.

    How did you get to where you are today?

    What it took to get to where I am is dedication, time, experience, and failures along the way. The experience was a key factor in obtaining licensure. Before coming to Power Design, I had experience in the health care MEP design sector and I had worked on plumbing, medical gasses, mechanical, and fire protection designs for health care facilities. Being more involved in design helps you obtain knowledge in the industry that you may not get otherwise. This is where mentorship comes into play. I had a couple of mentors along the way that helped guide me to where I am today. Both of my previous bosses at my past firm shaped the way for me to become a successful engineer and designer, and that continued here at Power Design when I took on my new role in being just dedicated to plumbing design. My regional Senior Mechanical EOR and my regional Senior Plumbing Designer helped me here in the residential aspect of our designs and have laid solid footprints for me to follow in order to better understand and grow my knowledge.

    What do you think is next for Power Design in the plumbing scope?

    I feel that plumbing design and construction is one of the most overlooked and underrated trades in the industry. There is so much more involved than people realize, especially when trying to coordinate with multiple trades outside of our office. Keeping everything MEP in house makes the coordination and execution seamless for all parties involved. We handle it all so there is no need for additional entities to get involved. I look forward to using my skills from the past in different sectors to continue to grow the plumbing sector here at Power Design. I just want to spread the word about plumbing design so we can watch ourselves grow and be the best plumbing design firm we can be!

    How has Power Design helped set you up for success in getting to this place?

    Power Design has helped me obtain all the resources that I need and to set me up for success – they have been genuinely supportive of this huge accomplishment. I did have a few gaps in my knowledge before joining Power Design like never having to deal with sizing a domestic booster pump system or a certain type of sanitary/vent system, as I had not had experience in high-rise plumbing design. But my team and mentors supported me in developing those skills sets which are vital to my success, and I want to make sure that as I grow and learn, I can also be a mentor to someone looking to make an impact in the plumbing design world. I want to show that I can be one of the best representatives for the plumbing engineering team and having the licensure in my pocket can help only show the possibilities that our plumbing team can take on. I look forward to others following in my footsteps and helping Power Design grow its plumbing design expertise.

    How does Power Design do things differently when it comes to plumbing?

    The resources we have available to us internally and externally are what help drive our passion for success. Our QC process for engineering is one that far exceeds the values of most other design firms. The number of times that drawings get reviewed for accuracy and compliance is what really brought me into working for Power Design – they are meticulous in what they deliver to our clients. The internal tools that Power Design has created and continue to develop have helped our designs be more efficient and accurate because they are making sure constructability is taken into consideration throughout the design process. Our collaboration, expertise, quality control, and opportunity for future growth and expansion is why clients choose Power Design for their plumbing needs. As jobs progress and get better and better each time, we can show that we provide the best products across MEP firms in the country.


    Power Design

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